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Missouri Pool

Thomas and Anna Pool and their older, unmarried daughter Missouri lived in Walnut Grove and were a great comfort to the Ingallses when Mary was sick in 1879.

Married. At the residence of the officiating minister Rev. D.M. Haggard, in Stately township, Brown Co., Mr. Henry Evans, of Willow Lake, Redwood County, to Miss Missouri Pool, of North Star, this county. Our informant forgot to give us dates, but we suppose the wedding took place sometime last week. -March 24, 1880, New Ulm Weekly Review

Thomas Pool was born in Virginia in 1804. He married Anna Waldo on October 4, 1827. The couple had at least ten children: Caroline (1828-1913), Martha Celina Poole Fogle (1829-1911), Amy Bull Poole Dotson (1931-1916, Malvina Poole Dotson (1035-1913), Huldah G.W. Poole Taylor (1827-1892), John J.W. Poole (1829-1862), Missouri Poole Evans (1841-1881), Charles Paul Poole (1844-1933), Mary Delilah Poole Wilson (1844-1881), and Cyrus S. Poole (1845-1860). Although her siblings seemed to be able to hold onto their beaus just fine, something always happened to drive Missouri’s away. Her parents wanted to keep Missouri at home to look after them in their old age!

Thomas and Anna Pool came to Walnut Grove in 1872 from Adair, Missouri, with daughter Missouri and son Charles. In September 1875, Thomas Pool bought two lots on Block 8 in Walnut Grove from William Steadman. (The Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum occupies Block 8 today. The Pools lived where the parking lot is.) Laura wrote that the Pool family lived in a “queer little house,” and that Missouri grew beautiful flowers, including mignonette, moss rose, hollyhocks and poppies. She also smoked a pipe.

In October 1879, after the Ingallses had left for Dakota Territory, Mr. Pool sold his house and property to John S. Comstock (but held Comstock’s mortgage on the purchase, which was paid off in 1883), and the family moved to Brown County. The Redwood Falls Gazette of October 30, 1879, reported: “Mr. Thomas Pool has sold his house and lots to Mr. John Comstock, Depot Agent, and with his wife and daughter have gone to spend the winter with their friends at Burns Station, intending to leave there in the Spring for southern Iowa, where they expect to make their home.”

The next year, on March 14, Missouri married Henry George Evans. Missouri was born March 31, 1841, so she was 38 when she married. The Gazette reported: “Married. Evans—Pool. On the 14th inst., by Rev. Haggard, Mr. Henry Evans of Willow Lake to Miss Missouri Pool of Springfield, Brown Co., formerly of Walnut Station, this county.” Sadly, Missouri died at age 39 years and 9 months, on March 15, 1881, a day after giving birth to a son, Sean, who also died. They were buried on the farm near Wanda, Minnesota, in northern Redwood County.

Henry Evans was born in January 1831 and his first wife had died the year before he and Missouri married; the couple had six children. He married a third time and had seven more children. Henry Evans died in 1906 in Canada.

Thomas Pool died Iowa County, Iowa in 1887. Anna Pool died in 1891 in Ritchie County, West Virginia.


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